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Tips Choose Right Color Decors

Saturday, September 19th 2015. | Home Decor

When choosing the color of the home may arise many doubts because the numerous options available in the market. But in addition, studies show that colors influence in everyday life, reflecting the mood of the residents of the house, the power of concentration and even hunger. In view of this, we bring here some tips for you to choose the right colors.

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Thinking about changing the color of the room? Then the light shades are the most suitable, because besides offering a sense of larger space, they convey tranquility and calm. Having direct influence on our quality of sleep. They are also present in clinics, hospitals for the same reason, because they are environments where quiet is required.

Colors like white, blue and straw tones are the most favorable. It is also good to use them in work environments where many decisions must be made. Helps to calm the waters.

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Did you know that red and yellow tones enhance the feeling of hunger? So many restaurants and fast food chains have predominance of these colors in their environments. But on the other hand, these shades have the ability to convey a sense of warmth, and a good choice for the living room. But beware of excess, it should be used in some places, and never in the whole environment.

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The violet is connected to spirituality, while the green has to do with health and Orange stimulates creativity. Knowing the meaning of the colors is easier to choose them, no? So now you know, get to work.

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