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Classic Style Bedroom in Current Design Style Ideas

Thursday, October 29th 2015. | Bedroom

In the pure classical, asymmetries are not allowed, then the password to create a classic bedroom will be geometry. The right side of the bed will be mirror image of the left side, it is means that the bedside tables, lamps and any details must be equal on both sides of the bed. It is not difficult to achieve, just take the measurements of the wall where you want to place the bed and measures the headboard of the bed and match the two centers. Once you have done this step then you will have two equal spaces on either side of the bed to be designed in a symmetrical manner.

classic bedroom now

If you want to enrich the details of the wall behind the bed, you can added moldings and pilasters interspersed with mirrors, wall niches or even to put an object.

romantic classic bedroom

For those who want to keep the classic style in the symmetries and modernize, the lines and materials should be minimalist. This means reducing bone furniture and fabrics, do not fill the walls and floor details, leave a clear field of the most possible view. Try to use no more than two colors in stark contrast to each other, maybe even create contrast between painted shiny and opaque things. There will be must defer to the classic style.

beige brown classical bedroom

You may prefer the classicism of antique furniture and simply wooden furniture. Or may be you want to give a boost of energy upsetting spaces. You can’ think to look at the furniture’s┬áthat could support it. It will be enough position in an arbitrary way of the classic bed and the bedside tables coordinate. It is not necessarily to lean against a wall because it will also be at the center of the room or at an angle with respect to the walls.

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Most of the hotel rooms, luxury or not, follows the style of classic furnishings and finishes. A timeless style and with the passage of time and fashion, the owners will not have to renew all spending exorbitant sums.

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