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5 Tips To Change Room Decor Without Spending Much Money

Friday, October 9th 2015. | Home Decor

Decorating the room that can bring the elegance, style and  sophisticated environment is dreaming by everyone.  So join the good taste and a touch of refinement in the choice of furniture and pampering is key to achieve the expected.

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Currently it is possible to invest in cheaper parts and daring decoration. For the interior designer, Martha Claudia, simply choose key pieces with attractive colors. “Choosing the right colors is essential in decorating. You can ensure more welcoming environments”.

1. The starting point to reduce spending on decoration is betting on prefabricated furnitures. Besides bringing charm to the house, they considerably reduce the household budget.  Unvarnished wood is for example. Therefore, its use reduces costs.

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However, this does not mean they do not have quality, quite the contrary. There are prefabricated furnitures that much better and nicer than conventional, “explains Martha.

2. Seizing objects

Who said home decor necessarily rely on new objects? It is indeed possible to reform it or paint it yourself and reuse the decor. “That cushion you have, you can sanitize it and opt for a new coat of another color  for example. Changing items of their own home is an effective way to revamp the decor, “suggests designer.

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On the table beside the bed for example, bet in a glass bowl and smooth inside, put marbles, candies or even chocolates. “Using the household is also an efficient way to decorate. You can use the same container for example, and switch content: one day, put the balls in the other sweets, “explains Martha.

3. Botanical embellishments are also a good choice in decor. Invest in dried flowers in the vase that you have at home, or even in small daisies or roses in a glass bottle. “Flowers are always wonderful decoration. Investing in them is always a way to make the environment more welcoming, “She said.

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4. Have you heard of decoupage? It is a technique of decorating household objects by hand. You can invest in empty boxes of old products and customize it with more reasons to please you. Another way to invest is also always colorful and attractive objects, such as door frames with pictures or creative with bright colors.

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5. But before you begin remodeling or decorating, the designer suggests that you need to make a budget of how much you have available to spend, since the plan costs step-by-step is an efficient way to have no unwanted surprises after the end decoration.

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